Happy 50th, Super Bowl!

Many of us watched the historic 50th anniversary Super BowlTM game Sunday evening, playing in San Francisco, and broadcast globally. You may have had a favorite team (Broncos or Panthers), coach, quarterback, or simply enjoyed the commercials and good times with friends. Now that the 39 year old quarterback Peyton Manning has won his 2nd Super BowlTM ring, everyone’s wondering if he will retire in a blaze of glory or come back for another season.

As you enjoy clips of your favorite commercials, here’s some football law for your inner armchair quarterback. The game has a famous trademark angle – the NFL has trademarked the phrase “Super Bowl” used in connection with the game, so others have to say “the Big Game” or “Souper Bowl,” or other code words to avoid getting sued.

Speaking of football lawsuits, here’s the fascinating story from the NYT of the only known surviving tapes of the first Super BowlTM, between the Green Bay Packers and (my hometown favorite) the Kansas City Chiefs. And here’s some more food for thought: a copyright lawyer’s dissection of the NFL’s copyright claims.

(c) 2016, Stephen M. Johnson, Esq.

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