Fair Use 101

What’s fair use? Fair use (§107) is a copyright law doctrine. Fair use has 4 factors:

(1) purpose/character of use

(2) nature of copyrighted work

(3) amount/ proportion of whole work used and

(4) effect of use on potential market for/value of work

Depending on the evidence, content use may be fair use and no damages (and no piracy or copyright infringement) or the content use may be illegal (piracy and copyright infringement) and trigger copyright damages.

My law firm is experienced doing take downs of clients’ copyrighted content under the DMCA. We my firm also can look at the 4 fair use factors and evaluate your case’s facts accordingly. We help you protect your content, and can counsel you on monetizing your content.

Steve Johnson is an experienced Kansas and Missouri entertainment law attorney who enjoys working with individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations to serve their copyright needs.

Call (913-707-9220) or email (steve@johnsonlawkc.com) Steve Johnson, of Johnson Law KC LLC, today to help with all your entertainment law and copyright needs.

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